Festival FAQ's

Ticketing & Entry

Can I leave the festival and return later?

Unfortunately we're unable to offer pass outs due to our licence, so there will be no re-admittance if you leave.

How many people are you expecting to attend?

The Festival will attract around 12,000 across both days, that’s 6,000 a day!  We limit numbers to ensure it’s a great experience for all.

Which gate do I go through to enter or exit the festival?

GA entry point for the festival is  Gate D. 

For those with Hop The Queue tickets entry is via Gate E.

Disability Access will be via Gate E.

Forstyh Barr Stadium members will enter through Gate B

Exit is available through Gate C or D or E.

What can I/ can’t I bring in?
  • Alcohol - Obviously no. But there's plenty inside.
  • Food - Again, no, unless for an infant, or special dietary requirements. 
  • Folding Chairs – We’d rather not, unless they are small and discrete ones please. There is seating inside.
  • Bean Bags - No, really rather you didn’t.  
  • Umbrellas - Sort of. We are lucky enough to have the only stadium in NZ with a roof.  Umbrellas are not allowed into the venue, but if the weathers pretty average outside, then they can be dropped at gate entry into the bins provided, at the owners own risk.  
  • Glass bottles (including perfume/ after shave/ etc). Sorry, but no. These will be disposed of, so please apply before leaving home.
  • Camera's. Yes, your standard camera’s all good. But no professional gear without prior arrangement please.
Where can I buy tickets?

Click the button on the homepage of our website, and follow the link. Tickets are all sold through TicketMaster.

What does my ticket include?

Your ticket includes entry into the festival, a festival glass, a digital wristband, as well as the opportunity to sample some of the best beer, wine, cider and food New Zealand has on offer. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated!

Plus some top notch kiwi entertainment across a number of stages..... more details to follow.

Doh. I missed out on tickets this year…Is there anything I can do?

Sorry, but not much we can do. Head to TicketMaster via our homepage to see if there's any still up for grabs.

What does BF mean?

BF stands for booking fee. This is a surcharge on ticket purchases. It doesn’t mean you can bring your Best Friend/Boyfriend along for free!

Do I need a ticket for my child?

YES! We have limited family tickets available for Saturday ONLY. A family ticket gets 2 adults and up to 4 children in to the Festival. Even though children are free, everyone including infants up to the age of 17 years old will need a children’s ticket to enter the festival, as this number affects our maximum capacity.

But remember Friday’s event is strictly R18 ONLY.

Tasting Room Sessions

Check out all our Tasting Room seminar information on our Tasting Room page - simply head to the top of this page and find it under the drop down menu. Follow the link to buy tickets. Easy as.

But be quick, as numbers are strictly limited per session!

Ticket Types available?

#1: General Admission Tickets (Fri OR Sat) - $50.00 + Booking Fee  

Qualification Criteria:

  • 18+


  • Entry to Festival  
  • Official Festival Cup  
  • AWOP Wristband (A One-Off Activation fee of $3.50 applies on first Top Up)  

#2: Tertiary Student Tickets (Fri OR Sat) - $45.00 + Booking Fee

Qualification Criteria:

  • 18+  
  • Tertiary Level Student ID Card to be presented on entry to Festival  


  • Entry to Festival  
  • Official Festival Cup  
  • AWOP Wristband (A One-Off Activation fee of $3.50 applies on first Top Up)  

#3: Hop the Queue Tickets (Fri OR Sat) - $95.00 + Booking Fee

Qualification Criteria:  

  • 18+  


  • Exclusive Entrance to Festival Official Festival Cup  
  • Official Festival Limited Cup Lanyard  
  • AWOP Wristband. (Preloaded with $20 credit & no Activation Fee)  
  • Preferential access to a single GA ticket to the day of your choice for the 2022 Dunedin Craft Beer & Food Festival. Please note, you MUST opt into receiving further correspondence during the purchase process to receive details of this preferential sale for 2022. Your 2022 preferential tickets will be available for purchase prior to general release of tickets.  
  • You will also have access to other ticket types during the preferential pre-sale for the 2022 Festival. But these will be limited, and on a first come, first served basis.  

#4: Family Ticket (Sat ONLY) - $100.00 + Booking Fee
Qualification Criteria:

  • Adults must be 18+  
  • Children 0-17 year olds  
    Combination of:
  • Family of 3 (2 Adults/ 1 child)  
  • Family of 4 (2 adults/ 2 children)  
  • Family of 5 (2 adults/ 3 children)  
  • Family of 6 (2 adults/ 4 children)  


  • Entry to Festival  
  • Official Festival Cup  
  • AWOP Wristband (A One-Off Activation fee of $3.50 applies on first Top Up)  
  • Please note U18 wristband will be restricted to food purchases only.  

Covid-19 & POstponement Dates

Can the event take place under COVID-19 restrictions?

The festival can operate under orange and green settings within the government's COVID-19 protection framework.

Where can I find more info about COVID-19 Protection Framework, and events?

Via the government's website, here.

Will I need to be fully vaccinated to attend the event?

No. Under current ORANGE status of the COVID-19 Protection Framework, provsion of a current Vacinne Pass is NO LONGER a requirement for entry to this event – for details of this Framework please click HERE.

Digital Festival Program

Where do I find the digital program?

You're on it right now. Simply navigate around this site on your mobile device when you're in attendance on the day. It's got all the info you need from site map, to who's playing where, plus full list of what's on offer both beverage and culinary wise under the My Festival section.

Where can I get a list of all the beers, food, entertainment on offer?

By the time the festival arrives, we will have all the details listed on this site. To find out what food, beers, etc are on offer, just head to the My Festival section.

Wristbands & Refunds

Can you tell me more about the digital wristband system? Can I top up my band early?

The DCBFF is a cashless environment for your convenience.

You’ll get an easy-to-use electronic wristband upon arrival that you can top up with credit throughout the day. You can top up with either cash or EFTPOS and all it takes to transfer credit on or off your wristband is you holding your wristband under the machine, easy as.  

Please note there is a one-off $3.50 activation fee when you first top-up your wristband. Why? Read on...

Why is there a $3.50 one off activation fee?

The festival is charged a one-off activation fee for each wristband upon the first top up. This is standard practice at most events using this or similar technology. It pays for the development and provision of the technology at the event.

When do I get my wristband and where can I top it up at the event?

You get your digital wristband as you enter the stadium. From there you can use cash or EFTPOS to top it up at the Top Up Bank located at Gate E, or with a mobile top up person who will be floating around the festival site in blue high vis tops.

Please note there is a one-off $3.50 activation fee when you first top-up your wristband.

How can I pre-purchase credit for my wristband?

Easy! You can pre-purchase credit for your wristband by coming into OUSA Main Office Reception (640 Cumberland Street) in the week preceding the festival. We will issue your band early, so don’t lose it! Sorry but NO replacements offered if you lose it before the event.  

Top up times are Tue – Fri 10:00am to 4:30pm. You will need to bring your ticket, and a legal form of ID.  

Please note there is a one-off $3.50 activation fee when you first top-up your wristband.

I have a lot of wristbands I am wanting to pre purchase credit for – what can I do?

No problem! During the week prior to the festival, just flick us an email to ousa@ousa.org.nz detailing:

  • How many wristbands you are collecting
  • The amount you want pre-loaded onto each  
  • The name of the person collecting and paying

Please keep in mind that the one-off activation fee of $3.50 will be deducted from the amount placed on EACH wristband.

The person collecting on behalf will need to present all the tickets, screenshots of an eTicket is fine.

You will not be able to collect prepaid wristbands on the day, this service is only available from the OUSA office the week prior to the festival.

When do the onsite Top Up Banks Close?

Top Up will finish ONE hour prior to the close of the Festival.  

So 9pm on the Friday and 6pm on the Saturday.  

You will still be able to get a last-minute top up from the mobile top up personnel in the blue Hi-Viz tops. They can help you out until 9.30pm Friday and 6.30pm Saturday. 

What are the minimum & maximum limits for topping up?

The sky is the limit! From $1 to $1000, topping up is 100% flexible to give you exactly what you want! And what you don’t spend you can get re-credited, or donate to our Festival Charity.

If I don’t use all my digital wristband credit, how and where can I get a refund?

You can definitely get a refund if you don’t use all your credit on your digital wristband.  

You can either:

  • Do it on the day of the event at the Gate E Top Up Bank for free, 
  • Or you can do it online through AWOP’s website www.awop.co.nz/refunds for up to a week after the festival (this will cost $0.60) 
  • Or, alternatively, you can donate your remaining credit to our Festival Charity as you exit the festival.  Representatives will be present to assist you!

We won’t be able to issue any refunds at the OUSA office. It's far easier and convenient to do it online!

Just make sure you don’t throw your band away, you will need the unique code written on the back.

 Alcohol, Drinks & Cups  

Can I take any beers away with me?

Nope! We don’t have an off-venue license, so anything purchased at the festival must be consumed at the festival.  

Why can I not just buy a pint? What’s with the tasting glasses?

This event is first and foremost more about beer tasting, than hard out beer drinking. With so many excellent breweries offering their wares, we recommend you branch out and try a whole spectrum of different beers!

Remember to drink plenty of water throughout your stay as well.

How many alcoholic drinks may I buy per vendor service?

As many as the stall's duty manager feels safe/suitable to serve you with.  

We may limit the number of drinks per person per transaction if we felt the need to at any point during the Festival.  

What sizes are the lines on the cup?

75ml is a taster measure

100ml for wine pours

150ml for HALF pour

330ml is for FULL pours. 

I lost my festival cup. Can I get another?


You can purchase a new cup for $3 from the info/ merch tent. Phew!

What will be available to drink other than beer?

We have a great range of alternatives to beer at our festival. 

This includes numerous wine and cider options, a cheeky gin or possible moonshine, and then of course the many free water stations scattered throughout the festival, as well as juice, coffee,  and soft drinks if you’re not drinking alcohol on the day, or just need a breather. 

What time do you stop serving alcohol?

Last drinks are poured at 9.30pm on Friday and 6:30pm on Saturday.  So make sure you’ve sampled everything you want to prior to this time.

Will you have any special beers I can’t buy at my local store?

Absolutely! That’s one of our main goals, and we aimk to have lots of special beers at our festival that you can’t find on store shelves. Ask previous attendees and they’ll confirm that our brewers bring the goods for this event. 

What is the festival beer and who made it?

The festival beer is the previous year’s Homebrew Competition winner.  

The 2021 winning entry was an Wild Speciality Beer, "SUPER SPONTANEOUS" , submitted by Jimmy Henderson.

You’ll have the chance to sample the flavours and tones of this brew for yourself at this year’s festival, as Jimmy has won the chance to brew it on commercial brewing equipment alongside our great mates down at Emerson’s.

Cheers Jimmy for providing the official Festival Brew for the 2022 Dunedin Craft Beer & Food Festival! 

Food, Coffee & Non-Alcoholic Options?  

Where can I find non-alcoholic stalls?

All stalls, and what they will be selling, can be found on the My Festival section of this website.

As many of our brewers, chefs are still preparing what they they will be bringing along to the Festival, this info won't available until much closer to the Festival date.

Is there food for vegetarians? What about gluten free?


We have a range of vegetarian and gluten free options. To make it really easy for you, we’ve indicated in the Food section of the My Festival section of this website which stalls have vegetarian fare and/or gluten free, or other dietary goodies.

As many of our chefs are still preparing what they they will be bringing along to the Festival, this info won't available until much closer to the Festival date.

Where can I get water?

There are free water stations scattered throughout the festival site.  So, we encourage you to swill your Festival cup out, and then refill with bountiful freshwater. 

Keep hydrated and enjoy the day.

General Festival  

What bands are playing this year?

We've got an incredible line up, featuring New Zealand music legends The Black Seeds and Stellar*, plus some of our favourite DJs and acoustic acts on other stages around the festival.

The Black Seeds – https://www.facebook.com/theblackseeds  

Troy Kingi - https://www.facebook.com/troykingimusician

Stellar* - https://www.facebook.com/stellar.co.nz

Anna Coddington – https://www.facebook.com/AnnaCoddingtonMusic  

Kylie Price – https://www.facebook.com/KyliePriceOfficial  

Black-Sale House – https://www.facebook.com/blacksalehouse  

Tall Folk – https://www.facebook.com/Tall-Folk-103268998233741

Where can I find a Site Map?

All sites will be displayed on 'My Festival' section of this website once the official site map is loaded closer to the Festival date.

Have you got a waste strategy?

Yes! All vendors will be using compostable packaging products such as plates and utensils and all drink vendors will be pouring into the official festival glass. With these measures, along with clearly labelled bins, and utilisation of the stadium’s robust recycling system, we hope to produce minimal waste.  

Please help us with this by using the right bins!

If you don’t want to keep your festival glass at the end of the day, just pop it in the labelled bin and they will be sent back to Globelet  to grind down and reuse! 

I want to make sure I get home safe, can you help me?

There will be plenty of taxis available to take you home safely. These will be located outside of Gate C/D area. 

I’ve lost my jacket, do you have a lost and found area?

If you do happen to misplace any of your things throughout the day, we have a dedicated area where you can go to be reunited with your stuff! See the Information/Lost Property stall on the day. It will also have a coat check service, so be sure to check here before you leave if you have lost anything – it’ll be well signposted and on the festival map so you ought to be able to find it, no sweat. 

If you find yourself without your jacket, or other personal items after you get home, you can check at the OUSA Main Office (640 Cumberland Street) to see if it is there, as all unclaimed items and lost property found will go here.  

Please note their opening hours are Monday – Friday 9am – 4.30pm. 

I see there is a free kids area?

Yes, there will be a kids area (Check out the site map on the Festival Website for location).

Please bear in mind this is not a crèche, but an area with some child friendly focused activities.  Please note - the kids zone will be open on Saturday only. 

Does the stadium have disability parking and toilets?

Yes! Mobility parking is in the SH88 carpark opposite Gate E entry. There are two disability toilets on the north concourse and two on the ODT slab.

Where can I breastfeed, and are there baby changing areas?

Wherever you feel comfortable within the public area of Festival. There is a change table in each of the mobility toilets - 2 on ODT slab and 2 on the North Concourse.

How can I advertise on the Festival Website?

Easily! Contact our sales team for a rate card or just to have a chat about advertising possibilities.

Flick them an email at laura@planetmedia.co.nz

What about parking?

There are some parks available directly behind the stadium (very limited on the Friday as this is leased parking). Or around Logan Park. Either way we recommend coming early to find the best spots around the Logan Park area or beside the harbour. First in, first served though.

Transport Options

We strongly encourage the use of public transport as Forsyth Barr Stadium is a walkable distance from central Dunedin where you will find plenty of bus connections from all corners of the city. Check out the Otago Regional Council's bus journey planner if you don't believe us <here>.

Either way, if you intend to sample some of the alcoholic delights on offer at the Festival, then you'll clearly will be leaving the car at home. So, we know you’ll have transport in hand, but just in case, here’s our list of reminders of other ingenious ways to travel:

  • Taxis. Dunedin has plenty of them, and if your still stuck once on site, stick your head into the on-site info centre and they’ll help you out.
  • Buses, again, as above. Plenty of options. Check out the info tent if still stuck at the Festival and they'll point you in the right direction.
  • Walk. It’s good to walk. But walk and talk, so make sure you grab a mate or two to wander home with.
  • Sober Driver. Too easy.  

And then there's the not so good:

  • Scooters. Mmmm. Maybe NOT. For obvious reasons.
  • Bikes. Again, if you’ve been drinking, then no. For obvious reasons.
What’s the Homebrew Competition?

We are privileged to have Black Rock on board again as sponsors of the tenth annual Dunedin Craft Beer & Food Festival Homebrew Competition, in association with our Festival ambassadors Emerson’s, and the Dunedin MaltHouse! All details can be found under the Homebrew tab

This is a great opportunity to get direct feedback from industry professionals and to have the opportunity to brew next year’s festival beer! Good Luck! All winners of the various categories will get a double pass to the Festival. There are other prizes available, and all details can be found through the application process.

And even if you’re not an enthusiastic homebrewer, make sure your check out the Festival Brew at the Festival.

Is smoking/ vaping permitted?

Smoking and Vaping is only permitted within the designated smoking/vaping areas Gate E & B (checkout the site map on the Festival Website for location). 

You do risk been ejected from the event if you choose to smoke/ vape outside of these areas.

How long does the festival run for? 

The festival runs for the following times: 
Friday : 3pm - 10pm 
Saturday : 12pm- 7pm 

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