Black-Sale House

Black-Sale House is a band of young Dunedin musicians who through their different musical and personal backgrounds, look to create new, fresh music with an ever-evolving sound. All currently students at the University of Otago, named after the old music department building in which they met, the group bonded over their passion for music and aim to bring a new wave of Dunedin sounds to Aotearoa and beyond.

Not writing to fit a specific genre, Black-Sale House take influences from all areas of their backgrounds, incorporating reggae, soul, funk and rock to craft music they want to make. The band, approaching a year old, has worked tirelessly to have a full catalog of original music, opening and headlining numerous gigs establishing a strong live performance aspect, and are working on releasing more music for a larger audience to discover. Already with a small but consistent local following, the band looks to continue their growth and make their mark on New Zealand music.